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Most Trusted Brands in India During the Covid-19 Pandemic


The Covid-19 Pandemic hits everybody life badly, People use online brands to make life easy, let’s check the Most Trusted Brands in India during Pandemic.

Most trusted brands in India

Most Trusted Brands in India 2021 during Covid Pandemic

In 2020 and continue in 2021 COVID-19 restricted and impact our lives badly. Well, today’s world huge depends on online so whenever we purchase something or need any services we use online brands for our different needs. And brands are targeting their customers by offering them good services and many offers.

During Pandemic brands like Flipkart, Paytm, Medlife, BigBasket, Zomato, and others are very useful for people, because of their digital and good services in one click. These brands are loved by people and they can trust them, so according to research, there is a list of the topmost trusted brands during the pandemic. This list is as per Trust Quotient (TQ) / Trust Equation (TE) (TQ – Credibility, Readability, Intimacy) given by the public.

List of Most Trusted Brands in India During Pandemic –

Brand NameTrust Quotient (TQ)Rank
Prime Video8.432
Google Pay8.285
Disney + Hotstar8.206
Most Trusted Brands During Pandemic

1. Zomato

TE – 8.64

2. Prime Video

TQ – 8.43

3. Amazon

TE – 8.35

4. Paytm

TQ – 8.32

5. Swiggy

TQ – 8.28

6. Google Pay

TE – 8.28

7. Disney + Hotstar

TE – 8.20

8. PhonePe

TQ – 7.99

9. Flipkart

TQ – 7.88

10. BigBasket

TE – 7.80

11. Medlife

TQ – 7.80

12. Netflix

TQ – 7.61

According to this research, Zomato is the most trusted brand during the pandemic followed by Amazon Prime Video. Here Swiggy and Google Pay (with TQ – 8.28) and BigBasket and Medlife (with TE – 7.80) are in the same position.

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