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Top 10 Most Valuable Food & Drink Brands in 2022

Most Valuable Food Brands

Walking down to any grocery store you see endless choices of different food brands. There are thousands of food brands but only some of them make a presence in the industry with value. Many consultancy firms compiled the major brands and their value.

Many brands survive the pandemic and still covering up their losses, but few brands hits new heights. The annual report compiled by brand valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance ranks the top brands around the world according to their value.

These are the top 10 most valuable food brands worldwide in 2022:

1. Nestle

Nestle is a Swiss multinational food and beverage company, products include baby food, medical food breakfast cereals, coffee and tea, dairy products, frozen foods, and snacks.

Value: $20.8 billion

2. Yili

Yili Group is a Chinese-based dairy company that processes and manufactures milk products including ice cream, and fresh, sterilized, & powdered milk.

Value: $10.6 billion

3. Lay’s

Value: $8.6 billion

4. Danone

Value: $7.9 billion

5. Tyson Foods

Value: $7.2 billion

6. Quaker Oats

Value: $7.1 billion

7. Kellogg’s

Value: $7 billion

8. Foshan

Value: $5.8 billion

9. Mengniu Dairy

Value: $5.5 billion

10. McCain Foods

Value: $5.5 billion

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