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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India 2023

Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest in the world by $49 billion value. Here is the list of Top 10 Indian Pharma Company in 2023 by Market Cap.

Top 10 Pharma Companies in India

India’s pharmaceutical sector has emerged as a dynamic and influential player on the global healthcare stage. With its history, research, and improving human well-being, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world’s 3rd largest by overall volume, US$49 billion by value. The Indian pharma companies not just diverse healthcare needs to the nation’s vast population, but also contribute considerable support to the global pharmaceutical supply network. India is the world’s largest supplier of generic medicines globally with 20% of global exports.

In this article, we will delve into the realm of India’s top pharmaceutical companies, exploring their contributions, achievements, and the pivotal role they play in shaping the nation’s healthcare landscape.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India by Market Capitalization in the year 2023

RankPharma CompanyMarket Cap. ($M)
1.Sun Pharma Industries Ltd.30,773
2.Dr. Reddy’s Labs10,444
3.Cipla Ltd.9,979
4.Torrent Pharma Ltd.7,853
5.Zydus Lifesciences Ltd.7,188
6.Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.5,191
7.Alkem Labs Ltd.5,116
8.Lupin Ltd.5,004
9.Biocon Ltd.3,861
10.Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.2,323
Top Pharma Company Market Cap. as of June 2023

1. Sun Pharma Industries Ltd.

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. was founded in 1983, headquartered in Mumbai. The Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical company manufacture and sells formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in India and the U.S. Sun Pharma is the largest pharma company in India, and the 4th largest generic drugs company in the world. As of June 2023, the company’s total revenue of over $5.6 billion, and it has a presence in more than 100 countries.

2. Dr. Reddy’d Labs Ltd.

Dr. Reddy’s is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company, founded in 1984 headquartered in Hyderabad. The company has 60 APIs, 190 medications, diagnostic kits, and biotechnology products. In the year 2023, the company’s revenue is $3.2 billion.

3. Cipla Ltd.

Cipla Limited was founded in 1935, headquartered in Mumbai. The Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical company develops medicines for diabetes, depression, arthritis, respiratory, CVD, and other medications. Cipla has 47 manufacturing plants across the world and sells in over 86 countries. In 2023 the company’s revenue was around $2.8 billion.

4. Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd. owned by Torrent Group, founded in 1959, is headquartered in Ahmedabad—the Indian Multinational Pharmaceuticals company has a presence in more than 40 countries with over 2000 registered products globally. The company specialized in Generic Drugs, CNS, gastrointestinal, diabetology, vaccines, and pain management segments. In 2023, the company’s revenue was reported as $1.2 billion.

5. Zydus Lifesciences Ltd.

The Indian multinational pharmaceuticals company was founded in 1952 and headquartered in Ahmedabad, primarily engaged in the manufacturing of generic drugs. In 2023 the company’s revenue is reported $2.2 billion, from 25 pharmaceuticals productions in India, the company produces herbal products, skincare products, and other OTC products.

6. Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

Aurobindo Pharma is a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturing company founded in 1986, headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The company’s marketing partners include AstraZeneca and Pfizer and exports to over 125 countries. Aurobindo is primarily developing generic drugs, vaccines, contact lenses, and OTC drugs. In the year 2020, the company ranked on Fortune India 500 list, with a revenue of $2.9 billion.

7. Alkem Labs Ltd.

The Indian Multinational Pharma company was founded in 1973, headquartered in Mumbai. Alkem Laboratories manufactures generic drugs, formulations and nutraceuticals, and vaccines. The company has manufacturing units in India and the US. In 2023 Alkem’s revenue was reported at $1.3 billion.

8. Lupin Ltd.

The Indian multinational pharma company was founded in 1968, headquartered in Mumbai. Lupin Limited is one of the largest generic pharma companies by revenue globally, in the year 2023 revenue was reported $2.1 billion. The company focuses on cardiovascular, diabetology, asthma, anti-infectives, and anti-tuberculosis areas.

9. Biocon Ltd.

Biocon Ltd. is an Indian biopharmaceutical, founded in 1978, and headquartered in Karnataka, India. The Pharma manufactures biologics, small molecules, and generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) sold in approx. 120 countries. In the year 2023, the Indian company revenue reported $1.4 billion.

10. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

The Indian multinational pharmaceuticals company headquartered in Mumbai was founded in 1977 as a generic drug manufacturer. In 2022 the company made a revenue of $1.55 billion. Glenmark generics segment focus on dermatology, respiratory, cardiology, diabetes, oncology, and anti-infective.

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