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Indian Stock Market | Share Bazar | Stock Exchanges in India – BSE & NSE

Indian Stock Market is one of biggest market in the world, An Introduction to Indian Stock Market, Share Bazar, Stock Exchanges in India, Market Regulations, Trading Timings, and other important information.

Stock Market India Stock Exchanges Share Bazar

The origin of the share market date to around 400 years ago. Around 1600, there was a Dutch East India Company, in the country called the Netherlands, the same as East India Company in Great Britain. So they publicly invited people to invest in their ships, when these ships would travel long distances to go to other lands and come back with treasures., they were promised a share of these treasures money eventually. Today Every country is dependent on the stock market.

What is Share Market, Share Bazar, or Indian Stock Market?

The stock market, share market, or equity market all mean are same, these are the market where you can buy or sell a company’s shares. Buying shares of a company means buying some percentage of ownership of that company, holder of the percentage of that company. If your shareholding company makes a profit, a percentage of that profit would also be given to you, If that company makes a loss, some percentage of that loss would also be borne by you.

Stock Exchanges in India?

Securities Exchange is a place where we can trade buy, and sell securities stocks and bonds of the companies. Stock Exchange work like an intermediate between public and company. In India, there are 2 major stock exchanges BSE and NSE.

BSE aka Bombay Stock Exchange oldest stock exchange in South Asia and tenth in the world. Established in 1875, located on Dalal Street in Mumbai, India. With the market cap. of US$3.6 trillion as of Sept 2021, BSE is the 6th largest stock exchange in the world. Over 5400 companies are listed in BSE.

NSE aka National Stock Exchange was established in 1992, located in Mumbai. With the market cap. of US$3.1 trillion as of May, NSE is the 10th largest stock exchange in the world. Approx 2,000 companies are listed in NSE.

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