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Most Valuable National Football Teams at FIFA World Cup

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The FIFA world cup 2022 is currently underway in Qatar, and football-playing nations worldwide are competing for the honor. It is not astounding that the top national football teams also have the most valuation in international football. Some European countries and South America dominate the top rank of the FIFA rankings. England’s squad topped the list followed by Brazil and France.

FIFA (International Federation of Football Association) exists to govern football and develop the game around the world. FIFA recognizes 211 countries’ national men’s football teams associated and few take place in the list of most market valuation.

List of top 10 Most Valuable National Football Teams


104.98 bn INR

England played its first international match in 1872, confederation UEFA. The 1996 world cup champions hold the 5 position in the FIFA ranking.


95.15 bn INR

Played its first international match in 1914, confederation CONMEBOL (South America). Most successful national team in the FIFA world cup with 5-time winners in the years 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. Also holding 1st FIFA ranking.


83.11 bn INR

First international match in 1904, two times world champions (1998, 2018) current FIFA ranking 4, confederation UEFA (Europe).


78.27 bn INR

Year 1921 played first international match, current FIFA ranking 9, confederation UEFA (Europe).


73.78 bn INR

Founded in 1900, played 1st international match in 1908. The four time world champions (1954, 1974, 1990, 2014) current FIFA rank is 11.


73.07 bn INR

First international match in 1913, confederation UEFA (Europe), champion in 2010 world cup, current FIFA ranking 7.


53.76 bn INR

The two times world champions (1978, 1986) played first international match in 1902, current FIFA ranking 3, confederation CONMEBOL (South America).


48.93 bn INR

Netherlands play first international match in 1905, confederation UEFA (Europe), hold 8th place in FIFA ranking.


48.78 bn INR

In 1910 played first international match, confederation UEFA. The 4 times FIFA world champions (year 1934, 1938, 1982, & 2006) not qualify for Qutar 2022. Current FIFA ranking 6.


46.93 bn INR

Played first international match in 1904, confederation UEFA (Europe) hold 2nd position in FIFA ranking.

Other countries in the list of most valuable football nations – Uruguay (37.47 bn INR), Croatia (31.41 bn INR), Serbia (29.95 bn INR), Denmark (29.41 bn INR), Nigeria (25.28 bn INR) and so on. Italy is the only country in the list not qualified for Quatar FIFA world cup.

The data market value source is Transfermarkt website.

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